360 Degree panoramic view
Banff Marina Harbour Approach by Sea

Banff Harbour is found on the West side of Banff Bay (57:40.2’ N  2:31.3’ W), with the River Deveron feeding into the bay. Macduff Harbour is found on the East side of the bay. The bottom of the bay is sandy with some shingle, and is suitable for temporary anchoring in calm conditions. There is often a swell running in the bay, and even a slight swell would make the anchorage uncomfortable. It would not be advisable to anchor for any length of time in the bay, if the wind is coming from any northerly direction.

When approaching Banff Harbour, maintain a course in a southerly direction, keeping in the middle of the bay. The arched Banff Bridge over the Deveron River can be seen at the head of the bay. The white lighthouse structure on the extremity of the north harbour wall is fairly conspicuous from the bay. This light flashes white, 15 flashes/minute (one flash every 4 seconds).

The leading marks into Banff Harbour are indicated by two posts seen near the building above the beach. The front light flashes red 15 flashes/minute (one flash every 4 seconds), and the rear light (higher) flashes red 60 flashes/minute (one flash every second). The bearing on this transit is 295 degrees true.

When making an approach at night, it is handy to maintain a check bearing on the Macduff north pier light - Fl(2)WRG6s which can assist in monitoring your southerly progress into Banff Bay.

The entrance can be approached in most weather conditions, but can become untenable after, and during, strong Northerly winds. A swell crosses the entrance in these conditions, and can be breaking. If a swell is running, it is advisable to stand off and observe the situation before committing to entering the harbour. Be aware of rocks at the South of the entrance.

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