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Banff Marina Harbour Health and Safety

General Safety Precautions
Use the rails provided when using the access ramps
Keep the pontoons clear
Report and signs of damage immediately
Do not run, cycle, skate on the pontoons
Do not overload / misuse trolleys
Young children should always be accompanied by an adult and should wear a lifejacket

Finally, if you are unsure how to use any of the marina equipment, or require any other assistance then please ask.

In the event of a fire
• Raise the alarm
• Contact the Harbourmaster 07770646115
• If possible to do so without endangering yourself, clear the area of all people
• Tackle the fire only if safe to do so. Otherwise leave the area
• Gather in an orderly manner at the fire point as shown on the
• Make sure that you take heed of any instructions

VHF Communication
Whilst within the marina keep your handset on marine band channel 12.

Ladders and SOS Bollards
Please ensure that you are always aware of the position of your nearest emergency ladder and SOS bollard. A plan is available on the website showing all positions .

Always remember to disconnect your electrical cables before attempting to leave your berth. Disconnect from the pontoon outlet first and ensure that no cables are left on the pontoon. Also if you observe any misuse of the electrical equipment or spot any damage then let us know immediately.

The official fuelling policy can be found But please observe all sensible precautions when fuelling.

Whilst in the harbour there is a ‘DEAD SLOW’ speed limit, as well as the expectation that all users will take the necessary precautions to avoid any excessive wash.

Swimming and Diving
Swimming within the marina confines is prohibited. Diving operations are only permitted with the express permission of the Harbourmaster and subject to compliance with all current Health and Safety legislation.

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