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Aberdeenshire Council encourages and promotes environmental awareness in Banff Harbour Marina. Please consider the needs of the environment for the good of all. (See 'Waste Management Policy' and 'Harbour Rules and Regulations' for full details)

Be a considerate neighbour:
Roaring engines, flapping halyards, loud music and the like are likely to disturb other marina users and quayside residents. Please do all you can to keep noise pollution to a minimum.

Avoid littering:
Litter not only spoils the appearance of the marina it also damages the environment. Please securely bag your waste and use the bins provided, and remember it is an offence under the Merchant Shipping (Prevention of Pollution by Garbage) Regulations 1988 to dump rubbish at sea.

No flushing:
Untreated sewage from vessels is a health hazard to other water users as well as being unsightly. Discharge of sea toilets within the harbour is strictly prohibited. Use the facilities provided onshore whenever possible.

Be wildlife aware:
Aberdeenshire shoreline habitats support a huge variety of species that can be vulnerable to disturbance. Please reduce your speed and check your wash in sensitive areas.

Avoid water pollution:
Spillages and drips can have a serious cumulative effect on the environment. Portable fuel tanks and spare fuel containers should not be filled near the water, with care being taken to ensure that they are not overfilled. Also you should ensure that drip trays are fitted as required and absorbent material is available in case of a spillage. Dispose of all oily waste within the waste oil tank provided in the marina compound.

Maintain your motor:
Service your mechanical equipment regularly. This will ensure that the efficiency of your motor will be optimised. Saving on engine emissions, engine noise and leading to a reduction in fuel bills.

When anti-fouling:
Please ensure that all scrapings are cleaned up and disposed of. Try not to allow them to enter the water. Where possible use biodegradable products that are phosphate and chlorine free.

Reduce Reuse Recycle:
Use your nearest recycling facility if possible. To find your nearest Council Recycling point www.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/waste/points/


We aim to ensure that our customers are well looked after whilst they are within the marina and to this end we have a comprehensive Health and Safety Policy relating to all aspects of marina operations, including risk assessments, safety management systems, contingency planning, emergency response and also environmental issues. These policies are clearly documented and are continually reassessed to ensure that they are viable and up to date.

The pontoons at Banff Harbour Marina are as secure as is practical with key coded access gates to the pontoon ramps, and there are regular patrols of the pontoons by harbour staff. During these patrols careful attention is paid to the condition of the vessels of our customers to ensure any necessary action (boats being secured, pumped out and so on) is done as required and of course the owners being informed of the situation. Further to these measures the Harbourmaster has regular meetings with the local police where information is passed back and forth ensuring everyone is kept appraised of any current issues.

The pontoons are fully illuminated from dusk to dawn and have red 'SOS' bollards placed along their length. These bollards are alarmed and contain a perry buoy, rope, and fire extinguisher in each. All marina users are instructed as to their placement and use as 'fire drill' is of paramount importance.

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